My name is Petri Suni, I'm an illustrator and visual artist.
My company’s name and address is:
S.U.N. Illustration (VAT-ID:  FI10728732).
Luotsikatu 6 E 33
00160 Helsinki
As a responsible of this website I want to state that no data of any kind is collected via this website!
If you send me an e-mail or a message via contact form no unnecessary data is collected, only name, e-mail address and your message. All the data goes via secured connections and are stored on secured servers of my service provider and on my computer, which I guard extra carefully. Nothing is shared with third parties. No one else can acces this data.
Every now and then I delete old data, so I can promise that no data is stored longer than 5 years. If you want me to delete any data of yours, just ask me to do so.
I reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. The latest update is made 25.5.2018.
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