Petri Suni is an illustrator, visual designer and educator located in Helsinki, Finland.

wide range of styles

I have an endless urge to master every single illustration style that I find fascinating, and those are more than few. Sometimes that makes my life pretty troublesome, but fortunately there is also an upside - I have a versatile selection of different illustration styles to pick from. Have a look at my illustration portfolio to find out, which style best fits for your needs.

peek behind the curtain

As this site presents various illustrations from my best stuff, you can also take a look at my blog - I DREW SOMETHING - where you can see more informal stuff such as sketches, experiments or just random mind burps in illustrated form.


Illustrating and educating do overlap. In most illustration cases there's also a pedagogical factor involved. On the other hand, visual elements can effectively support learning.

So it's mostly about creating understanding. You see?

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